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Artful cocktails, good wine, cold beer and food! We have draft beer, a variety of bottled beers from around the world, wine, and a great selection of new and classic cocktails. If you are thirsty, we can satisfy you.

Did we mention the unique bar food served until close every night? Our ever-changing menu features perfect nachos, spicy Korean fried chicken, Thai deboned stuffed wings and killer fresh tuna tacos. The chef-driven snacks will make your mouth happy, while our relaxed atmosphere and always-professional service will please the rest of your body.

So, munch on some delicious snacks, have some grog, watch the big game, and enjoy Black Sheep Snack Bar.

We are a proud member of The Other Bird family.

Sample Menu

You may or may not see this when you come in today!

Pierogi & Kielbasa 6
Four Perfect Nachos 5
Scotch Egg 6
Roasted Cauliflower 5
Lovely Little Fish Cakes 5
Tater Tot Poutine 5
Big Mark’s Jamaican Ox Tail 12
Jerk Chicken Lollipop 5
Chicken Of Regret 6
Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap 6
Devilled Eggs 3
Korean Fried Chicken 6
White Castle Burger 4
Brussels Sprout Pad Thai 7
Beef & Pork Enchiladas 8
Upcoming Events

Trivia Night!

Think you know it all? Come and prove it. Every Monday at 8PM, we host a fun trivia evening. Did we mention the prizes? If you’re good, you can win food, gift certificates and cash. Bring some friends, grab a pint, and name the last man who walked on the moon.



Is there parking?
While we don’t have our own parking lot, there are numerous on-street spaces and Green P lots nearby.

Is it a restaurant or a bar?
We’re more of a bar, but our food is anything but typical bar fare. We totally have nachos, but our Four Perfect Nachos are a little different from what you’ve probably had before.

Can I get a full meal there?
Absolutely, but it will consist many small plates rather than one large plate.

When do you serve food until?
Always, without question, we serve food until last call.

Didn’t you used to be next door?
We did! And then we moved. And now we have all of this glorious space. And TVs for sports!